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Attention Hip Hop Addicts!
"Hip Hop's Ugly Truth. Are You Guilty Here & Now?"
Hip hop is booming, but so is depression & anxiety
Have you wasted endless hours searching for new music only to return to your original songs?

What happened to speaking in tongues, acrobatic wordplay, and the everyday struggle?

With $$$$$ flashed in these artist faces, can you blame them for selling their souls?
Artists don't respect their fans......
Every new 'Lil' or 'Young' rapper sounds the same and CAN'T get you the fix you're looking for.
Discovering new underground artists is harder than ever even with Spotify & YouTube.

In replace of talent, CLOUT chasing is at an all-time-high and rising. Leaving music in the backseat for you to feed on scraps and throwaways.

Everyone has their preferences, but there's a time and place for everything. Today's artists give you no other option but the above.
"What if you had access to a new 
supercharged style of Hip Hop?....."
Something never before heard created to ease the chaotic whirlwind of your day-to-day....

Or sounds that had the power to make someone fall in love....

That could give you the performance edge you crave during high stakes gaming, driving, or workout sessions....

Questions I kept asking that led me down the rabbit hole!
Here's a quick Story
I remember first hearing the sounds of Hip Hop at age FIVE,
around the same time my parents divorced.
I began writing music because it was therapeutic and I wanted to turn my life around.

The thing is stealing & dealing was quick money. But that meant risking my life and freedom for a few thousand dollars.

To make things worse, I felt like I was making things harder on my mom because I was failing in school. And I knew her being a single parent was hard enough.

The problem was I was a young kid making money and a name. Then, as if by chance, something life-changing happened.....

An unexpected ecstasy overdose landed me in the hospital. And while I lay there believing my end to come, I thought how insignificant and lonely my life was.

Count Alonzo
Following the incident, a bolt of urgency jolted throughout my body.

The plan was to find my purpose. I tried everything. And even ended up joining the world's oldest underground secret music fraternity. Finally, with school complete, I set my eyes on making a project.

As an emerging artist eager to make a splash on the scene, I learned the hard way of the dangers in the music industry. My first manager scammed me out of $7K!

Despite the naysayers, we finished the project. 'Red Denim' alone broke 20K streams on YouTube and 100K streams on Spotify! See, the received feedback let me know I was going about things all in the wrong way.

In the end, I learned what I'm doing is much bigger than making a project. I'm changing lives.

Imagine If You Had A Theme Song For Every Important Moment In Your Life....
You would stay focused longer. And reach your wildest dreams.

Hear your friends call you the music guru in your crew.

Discover your true identity.

Never waste time searching for music you can't live without again....
Your Life could Go From Bland to brand Overnight. Glim to glam in a heartbeat. hold your horses to "MOVE b*TCH GET OUT THE WAY!"
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Experience 7 hand-picked songs crafted with fans in mind for an immersive time.

- Keep to yourself and blast Track #3 when you're feeling down....
- Or play Track #4 at the pregame when you want to get pumped up....

Play the world's First Classical-trap album. Watch bars jump off the beat as pictures emerge from thin air.

This is not hallucination, but it's something like no other!

Get your digital copy today!
SirKnoxaLocs Lyric eBook
Never be at a loss for words with the Complete 7-Song Companion Lyric eBook!

Learn the words to your favorite songs, share your Hip Hop knowledge with friends, or begin a project!

The choice is yours. Learn more!
Exclusive BTS Video
Gain instant access to the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the creation of SirKnoxaLocs EP!

See what goes into making a record and learn what it takes to create your favorite songs. This means you'll never have to settle for mediocre ever!

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Fortune is for the bold!

What's inside you?

-Count Alonzo
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